What are the top 10 ways casinos are adapting to post-pandemic realities?

1. Enhanced health and safety protocols: Casinos are implementing strict sanitization protocols, mandatory mask-wearing, temperature checks, and increased cleaning procedures to ensure a safe environment for guests and staff.

2. Social distancing measures: Casinos are rearranging gaming floors, reducing capacity, and installing physical barriers between players to maintain social distancing guidelines.

3. Contactless technology: Many casinos are adopting touchless technology, such as contactless payments, digital menus, and mobile apps for a seamless and safe experience.

4. Outdoor gaming spaces: Some casinos are creating outdoor gaming areas or expanding existing outdoor spaces to offer more options for guests who prefer open-air environments.

5. Virtual gaming: Online gambling and virtual gaming platforms have seen increased popularity, prompting casinos to develop and expand their online gambling offerings.

6. Hybrid events and conferences: Casinos are adapting by hosting hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual attendance options to facilitate conferences, trade shows, and other gatherings.

7. Health screening and monitoring: Utilizing technologies such as thermal cameras and facial recognition software, casinos are implementing advanced health screening and monitoring systems to identify possible health risks.

8. Live-streamed entertainment: To accommodate reduced capacity and social distancing measures, casinos are live-streaming entertainment shows, concerts, and performances for guests to enjoy virtually.

9. Advanced air filtration systems: Many casinos are upgrading their air filtration systems to improve air quality and minimize the risk of airborne transmission.

10. Increased focus on local and regional markets: With travel restrictions and reduced international tourism, casinos are shifting their marketing strategies to target local and regional markets to attract new customers and maintain business.

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