Here are the top 10 most viral social media moments related to casinos in 2021:

1. Dogecoin and GameStop Frenzy: The Reddit-fueled stock and cryptocurrency market frenzy gained significant attention, including mentions of “going to the moon” and casino-related phrases.

2. Las Vegas Reopening: The reopening of Las Vegas and its iconic casinos after pandemic-related closures led to numerous social media posts capturing the excitement and celebration.

3. David vs. Goliath Slot Win: A viral video showcasing a player hitting a massive jackpot on a slot machine, gaining worldwide attention and encouraging others to try their luck at casinos.

4. Online Poker boom: With more people staying at home, online poker witnessed a surge in popularity. Many players shared their big wins, bad beats, and memorable moments on social media.

5. Casino Streamer Controversy: Several controversies and dramas involving popular casino streamers emerged, leading to heated discussions on social media platforms.

6. Celebrity Casino Wins: Celebrities sharing their big or surprising casino wins on social media created a buzz, attracting attention from their fan bases and gambling enthusiasts.

7. Outrageous Blackjack Hands: Memorable moments like hitting multiple blackjack hands in a row or getting incredibly lucky draws created viral videos and social media posts.

8. Impressive Casino Architecture: Stunning visuals of newly built or renovated casino complexes, featuring intricate designs and luxurious settings, became popular on social media.

9. Casino-Themed TikTok Challenges: Various TikTok challenges centered around casino themes gained popularity. This includes tricks, handshakes, or dance routines showcasing casino-related elements.

10. Viral Casino TikToks: Short, entertaining TikTok videos showcasing unique casino experiences, luck-based wins, or hilarious moments became highly engaging and shareable content.

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