What are the top 10 most influential women in the global gambling industry this year?

It is important to note that the rankings and influence of individuals change over time, so this list represents a subjective view and may not be exhaustive. However, here are ten influential women in the global gambling industry as of September 2021:

1. Pansy Ho: As the co-chair and executive director of MGM China Holdings, Pansy Ho is considered one of the most influential figures in the industry, overseeing significant developments in Macau.

2. Denise Coates: She is the co-founder and joint CEO of Bet365, one of the world’s largest online gambling companies. Coates has been instrumental in Bet365’s success and technological advancements.

3. Virginia McDowell: With vast experience in the casino industry, McDowell is a highly influential executive. She previously served as CEO of Isle of Capri Casinos and is currently the President of Global Strategic Initiatives at IGT (International Game Technology).

4. Diana Bennett: Bennett is the co-founder and former CEO of Paragon Gaming, a leading casino development and management company. She has been influential in shaping the industry through her work on various gaming projects.

5. Jenny Williams: As the former CEO of the UK Gambling Commission, Williams played a crucial role in regulating the gambling industry and ensuring responsible gambling practices in one of the world’s largest gambling markets.

6. Rhydian Fisher: Although not female, Rhydian Fisher has made a significant impact as CEO of the International Gaming Technology Association (IGT), a trade association representing the global casino industry.

7. Lydia Barbara: As the Head of Innovation Strategy at Microgaming, Barbara has been instrumental in driving new product development and innovation in the online gambling industry.

8. Lydia Melton: Melton is the Director of Regulatory Operations at Gambling Compliance, an influential company providing regulatory insights and analysis for the global gambling industry.

9. Sue Schneider: As the founder of Rolling Good Times, Schneider has long been an influential figure in the online gambling community. Her work as a consultant, writer, and speaker has contributed to the industry’s growth and understanding.

10. Marlene Warner: Warner founded the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and has been influential in raising awareness about gambling addiction, responsible gambling, and advocating for consumer protection.

These individuals have had a significant impact on the global gambling industry due to their positions, contributions, and efforts to shape the landscape of the sector.

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