What are the top 10 most bizarre bets placed and won this year?

Here are 10 bizarre bets that were reportedly placed and won in 2021:

1. Man wins a bet for eating a bicycle: In March, a man named Rob Hull won a bet after consuming an entire bicycle, including the frame, pedals, and wheels.

2. Gambler wins $400,000 on Tiger Woods comeback: A bettor placed a $85,000 wager in January on Tiger Woods winning the Masters. When Woods accomplished the feat, the bettor walked away with a $400,000 payout.

3. Woman bets on alien existence: In February, a woman made headlines after winning a bet against her husband that confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life when the Pentagon released declassified UFO videos.

4. Gambler wins a million dollars on a lottery ticket mistakenly sold: A man in Virginia won $1 million in January when he was mistakenly sold a non-winning ticket while trying to purchase a different one.

5. Man wins bet for becoming a vegetarian for a year: A man placed a bet of $300,000 in January that he could stick to being a vegetarian for the entire year. He successfully completed the challenge and won the wager.

6. Bettor wins $200,000 on the gender of Elon Musk’s baby: When Elon Musk and Grimes announced they were expecting a child in May 2020, a bettor correctly predicted the gender (boy). The person cashed out with a $200,000 win.

7. Smallest waist circumference win: A woman bet that she could achieve the smallest waist circumference. After an extreme corset-wearing regime, she won her bet with a waistline measuring just 15 inches.

8. A bet on the weather: In May, a man wagered £93,000 ($128,000) that it would rain on June 23rd in Manchester, England. As predicted, heavy rains fell, resulting in a £182,000 ($251,000) payout.

9. Man bathes in bean dip: As a part of a bizarre bet, a man submerged himself in a massive vat of bean dip for 24 hours and successfully completed the challenge to win his wager.

10. Longest uninterrupted video game session: In April, a gamer broke the Guinness World Record for the longest uninterrupted video game session, playing Call of Duty: Warzone for 137 hours, winning a bet in the process.

Note: The information provided here is based on reported incidents and may not reflect all the bizarre bets placed and won in 2021.

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