What are the top 10 measures taken by governments to protect problem gamblers this year?

1. Public Awareness Campaigns: Governments have undertaken extensive public awareness campaigns to educate the general public about the risks of problem gambling and promote responsible gambling practices.

2. Self-Exclusion Programs: Governments have implemented self-exclusion programs that allow individuals to voluntarily ban themselves from gambling establishments or online platforms for a certain duration to avoid further harm.

3. Mandatory Player Registration: Some governments have made it mandatory for players to register themselves before participating in any form of gambling, allowing authorities to monitor and identify problem gamblers more effectively.

4. Enhanced Gambling Advertising Regulations: Governments have tightened regulations on gambling advertisements to ensure they do not mislead or target vulnerable individuals, restricting their visibility and content.

5. Financial Support for Treatment: Governments have allocated funds to provide financial assistance for gambling addiction treatment programs, making it easier for problem gamblers to access professional help.

6. Enhanced Training for Gambling Operators: Governments have mandated gambling operators to undergo enhanced training programs to identify, intervene, and refer problem gamblers to appropriate support services.

7. Expansion of Support Helplines: Governments have expanded support helplines and implemented 24/7 availability to provide immediate assistance to problem gamblers and their families.

8. Increased Funding for Research: Governments have allocated more funding for research into gambling addiction and its effects to develop evidence-based policies and interventions.

9. Improved Consumer Protections: Governments have introduced or strengthened consumer protection measures, such as stricter age verification processes, to prevent underage gambling and protect vulnerable individuals from excessive gambling.

10. Collaboration with Industry Stakeholders: Governments have fostered partnerships with gambling industry stakeholders, such as operators and trade associations, to develop and implement responsible gambling initiatives that prioritize consumer protection and support problem gamblers.

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