What are the top 10 issues discussed in gambling regulatory conferences this year?

1. Online Gambling: Regulations and legislation related to online gambling are one of the most discussed topics in regulatory conferences this year. This includes issues such as licensing requirements, age verification, responsible gambling measures, and consumer protection.

2. Sports Betting: With the increasing popularity of sports betting, regulatory conferences have focused on issues such as integrity in sports, match-fixing, prevention of underage gambling, and effective regulation and supervision of sports betting operators.

3. AML and KYC: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are critical in the gambling industry to prevent illegal activities. Discussions in conferences revolve around the implementation of robust AML and KYC procedures, sharing of information, and cooperation with financial institutions.

4. Responsible Gambling: Conference discussions on responsible gambling cover topics like player protection, self-exclusion programs, harm minimization measures, gambling addiction treatment, and awareness campaigns to promote responsible gambling.

5. Technology and Innovation: The impact of technology and innovation in the gambling industry is a key topic. Discussions include advancements in online gambling platforms, mobile gambling, cryptocurrency use in gambling, use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for responsible gambling, and regulation of emerging technologies.

6. Regulatory Cooperation: Cooperation between regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders is vital for effective gambling regulation. Conferences focus on sharing best practices, collaboration on cross-border issues, information exchange, and coordination among regulatory authorities for a harmonized regulatory framework.

7. Advertising and Marketing: The regulation of gambling advertising and marketing is another key issue. Discussions revolve around protecting vulnerable individuals, preventing aggressive advertising, responsible marketing practices, and ensuring compliance with advertising standards.

8. Skill-based Gaming and Esports: The rise of skill-based gaming and esports has created unique challenges for regulators. Conferences discuss issues like defining skill-based gaming, distinguishing it from gambling, ensuring integrity in esports betting, and establishing a regulatory framework for this sector.

9. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: As cryptocurrencies gain traction in the gambling industry, regulatory conferences cover issues like the use of cryptocurrencies for gambling transactions, KYC requirements for cryptocurrency users, regulatory approaches to blockchain technology, and preventing money laundering through cryptocurrency channels.

10. Jurisdictional Challenges: Regulatory conferences also focus on jurisdictional challenges, including cross-border gambling activities, offshore operators, harmonization of regulatory frameworks, and managing the legal and regulatory landscape in an increasingly globalized industry.

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